“Electric Orpheus” is a project of the “Common Future” Association and will be merging music and contemporary dance. The format presents Bulgarian and international artists through the combination of various styles and genres – from rock’n’roll, space jazz and psychedelic up to electro, DJ sets and performances.

“Electric Orpheus” will have nine editions in 2017 and 2018, all of them in Plovdiv and the Plovdiv area. The urban events will be taking place in various quarters and will be focusing on the development of non-typical, interesting culture locales. The summertime events will be staged in the Villa Justina vineyard-park – at the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains and amid a blend of hills, grapevine-covered massifs and artists from around the world.

Electric Orpheus: Spring Festival on 20 April 2019.

Electric Orpheus: Summer Edition (21 – 22 June 2019).

In 2018 the events started on 23rd June from 19.00 in the Villa Justina vineyard-park - the Italian group Calibro 35 will visit Bulgaria for the first time to take part in the show. Together with four other groups, Calibro 35 will present a mix of different styles and alternative music formats. The festival’s programme will feature the Hamburg rock’n’roll duo Neopit Pilski, the Croatian romantic punk folk band Seine, and the German live electronic from Subact from Dresden and Fumus & Nebula from Luneburg.

In 2017 “Electric Orpheus” offered a quality music selection – rock’n’roll from Berlin, abstract pop from Switzerland, contemporary dance performance from the Atom Theatre, and an abundance of vinyl records.

Learn more about the project and its activities at - electricorpheus.com, and more about the “Common Future” Association - commonfuturenpo.com.

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