The “Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVE” will enable the interaction between junior representatives of various cultural strata, musical schools and diverse ways of realisation that are going to have the opportunity to make the notion ‘TOGETHER’ meaningful, in a creative, progressive process.

The core of the orchestra includes the talented young Bulgarian musicians from the Pioneer Philharmonic Orchestra, the National School of Music and Dance "Dobrin Petkov" - Plovdiv, the National School of Music "L. Pipkov" - Sofia, the National School of Music "Panayot Pipkov" - Pleven, the National School of Music “Dobri Hristov” – Varna, the National Music Accademy "Prof. P. Vladigerov” - Sofia, the Accademy of Music and Dance – Plovdiv, as well as young musicians from the Balkans and Europe.

The “European Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVE” will have a Gala concert at the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv on July 24, 2019, which will present the results of the training of the young musicians throughout the year preceding the big event.

The head of the orchestra will be the talented young Bulgarian conductor Tsanislav Petkov, his colleague Dimosthenis Fotiadis and its soloist - the world-famous violinist Svetlin Roussev - concertmaster of Swisse Romande Orchestra. The young musicians will also perform the world premiere of the specially created for this orchestra "Triptych" by the famous Bulgarian composer Penka Kouneva, who has been working for years very successfully for Hollywood as orchestrator and composer.

At its Gala concert, the “European Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVE” will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest Bulgarian composers - Pancho Vladigerov, who became part of the European music elite in the 1920s.

Open rehearsals, music workshops and lessons of prominent pedagogues will be held during the stay of the “European Youth Symphony Orchestra PROGRESSIVE” in Plovdiv.

Where: Roman Stadium

When: July 24, 2019 at 7 pm

Tsanislav Petkov
Dimosthenis Fotiadis
Soloist Svetlin Rоussev (violin)
Concertmaster of the Swisse Romande Orchestra

P. Vladigerov, G. Rossini, P. Sarasate, J. Brahms, A. Dvorak, A. Borodin, Penka Kouneva

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Photo credits: MusicArtissimo Foundation

Youth Symphony Orchestra "PROGRESSIVE" is a project of the MusicArtissimo Foundation for Culture and Art.

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