Plovdiv 2019 with participation of the Vienna Book Fair

Plovdiv 2019 , in partnership with the Central Library of Vienna, participates in the Viennese Book Fair 2017. This is the largest literary forum in Austria and its current version is directly related to the Danube Strategy. The event is based on cooperation between cities in the Danube region with a special focus on the future European Capitals of Culture – Plovdiv 2019 from Bulgaria, Rijeka 2020 from Croatia, Novi Sad 2021 from Serbia and Timisoara 2021 from Romania. The program includes four literary events at the Central Library with specially selected authors from each of the four cities.

A special literary reading will be held on November 30th (Friday) by the popular writer Dimitar Dinev, who was born in Plovdiv. With the invitation of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, he will present works and texts, talk about Plovdiv as the European Capital of Culture in 2019, and how his hometown has a key role in his work. The moderator of the meeting will be Norbert Meyer from the Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

Today’s European Capitals of Culture are realized in the context of the Danube Strategy, which aims to not only bring together the efforts of the countries in the region, but to also present the interests of contemporary cultural and creative projects, which are used as a communication platform.

Link to the Facebook event HERE.

Dimitar Dinev was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and graduated from the “Bertolt Breht” High School. His first works are published in Bulgarian, Russian and German. In 1990 Dinev went to Austria where he studied philosophy and Russian philology. His literary breakthrough came in 2003 with the Engelszungen novel (Angelic Languages), which is widely popular throughout Europe. His works have already been translated into fifteen languages. He lives as a freelance writer in Vienna, and writes scripts, short stories, plays and essays in German.



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