“As She Sings”  is a joint music project of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 and Leeuwarden - European Capital of Culture 2018 that brings together artists representing Yiddish, Bulgarian and Roma culture. For a second year in a row the intensive work of a group of professional performers has been developing; for the first time the project results were presented in the Netherlands during the closing of the European Capital of Culture there, and now it is presented in Plovdiv.

The events are taking place in three consecutive days, starting with an open discussion on "The power of women and their place in different cultures." It will be held on July 31 at 7 pm in SKLAD, 4th floor, left, including the singers Lucette van den Berg, Maria Pasheva and Ginka Tser. The three ladies will talk about the traditions in their communities and will present how women are presented of in folklore. They will perform songs from each ethnic group to tell about the important mission of the girl, mother and grandmother in society. Link to the event on Facebook HERE.

The performances of the three professional performers will continue during the International Folklore Festival on August 1 at 7 pm on an open stage in front of the Municipality - Stefan Stambolov Square. They will be accompanied by musicians Miroslav Turiyski, Christian Zhelev and part of the Brestovitsa Orchestra, as well as Lucette van den Berg, project initiator and representative of Yiddish culture. The event entrance is free! Link to the event on Facebook HERE.

Lucette van den Berg - singer and initiator of the project “As She sings”. She represents the Yiddish culture. Lucette is one of the leading voices of the new generation of Yiddish singers. She has performed in theaters, concert halls and festivals in Europe and North America. As she sings is one of the special music projects Lucette develops within the programme of Leeuwarden 2018.

Maria Pasheva will present the Bulgarian culture in the project. She is a famous performer of folk songs from the region of Strandja and Thracia. She graduated from Philip Koutev Music School in the town of Kotel. The singer has many international performances and has been vocalist of several traditional orchestras.

Singer Inez Timmer represents the Frisian culture in "As She Sings". Due to her experience as the frontwoman of the famous Frisian folk group Irolt and as an international musical star she knows how to build bridges between cultures like no other. Her latest theater productions are inspired by 'strong women', and for this reason the intercultural music project "As She Sings" fits seamlessly with that.  She will perform at the concert at Leeuwarden.

Ginka Tser is the singer who will present the Roma culture. Her vocal capabilities have a wide range - Ginka performs excellently both Roma songs and Bulgarian folk music. She has many years of professional experience and is one of the well-known performers of songs from the region of Rhodope mountain.



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