From July to November 2019, the ADATA AiR programme (or just ADATA) will offer a series of artistic interventions in the urban environment of Plovdiv. Studio Punkt developed the visual identity of the project.

The visual identity of the ADATA artist-in-residence programme aims to show the importance of a cardinal unit in the project, the river island Adata - a metaphor for an isolated urban landscape that can be enlivened through culture, dialogue and interaction. It operates as a symbol of potential and change. Therefore, the image of the island does not remain static - it is constantly changing its structure, interacting with images and graphics, making the connection between the environment and man, and is rediscovering its diversity.

ADATA AiR: 2019
Phase 2

The riverside areas in Plovdiv will be the focal point for the realization of artistic interventions in the urban environment in the second half of 2019. Artistic actions and interventions, performances as well as temporary installations and sculptures will provide - one after another - an opportunity for new experiences and attention towards some abandoned urban spaces, from Adata Island and the riverside green areas, to the monumental architectural heritage of the Socialist Modernism.
The art projects were selected among proposals received from the artists who participated in the ADATA AiR program in 2018. All proposals were developed on the basis of the artists' residences in Plovdiv supported by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation in the first stage of the programme.

Artists presented in ADATA in 2019: Serge Ecker (Luxemburg), together with Alexandra Dimitrova (Bulgaria), Mila Panic (Bosnia / Germany), Ari-Pekka Leinonen (Finland) and Bert Jacobs (Belgium), Marta Jarabo (Spain), Sophie Innmann and Stephan Wäldele (Germany), Destructive Creation  (Bulgaria), Kamila Szejnoch (Poland), Кopacz Kund (Romania), Alin Tanasa (Romania), Matej Frank (The Czech Republic / Poland), the offseter (The Netherlands), Yana Lozeva (Bulgaria), ATOM Тheatre (Bulgaria), Mila Chorbadzhieva and Adriaan de Man (Bulgaria /The Netherlands), Katharina Swoboda and Kamen Stoyanov (Austria / Bulgaria), Matthias Garff (Germany)

In 2019, the ADATA AiR invites to Plovdiv artists-in-residence from Denmark and Serbia - in partnership with Aarhus - European Capital of Culture 2017 and the PLANTS AiR programme of Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture 2021.

ADATA AiR has been on the Res Artis network since 2017.

The project is a production of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, implemented in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and the Polish Institute in Sofia.

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Instagram: @adata_air



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