After the successful national forum in June, during which the team gathered experts from the field of urbanism, urban planning, architecture, urban walkability and preserving of cultural and historical heritage from Bulgaria and abroad, our team is currently working on the strategy for development of the neighbourhood of creative industries Talyana – the creative district in Varna, and also conducted a research among the citizens, workers and visitors of the neighbourhood.

Strategy Presentation and Discussion about Talyana (31.08 / 4 p.m.)

This is the second event of the series which will be organized on 31 August (Saturday) at 16:00 in the building of Innovator Foundation, located on 1 Sofiya Str., Varna. The purpose of the meeting between the team of the foundation, experts from Varna and interested citizens is to start a broad public discussion of the written strategy, the research and the other activities part of the project. During the meeting, the final version of the strategy will be presented and the main four topics included in it will be discussed.

We hope the result serves in the future as an example for creative districts from the whole country. There every stakeholder – from the local community to future entrepreneurs and currently working in the neighbourhood – we hope will be able to find useful information and tips for the development of his or her activity. As a result of such differentiation of creative neighbourhoods not only the business and tourism grows but also a stable relationship between the local authorities and the owners of businesses and citizens in the district are formed. Everything achieved leads to the fact that the neighbourhood shapes its own unique identity, which lays the foundations for the development of one common vision of the city and its citizens, gathered around the growth of the living area.

The utilization of cultural, historical and architectural heritage is a key factor in the development of zones with high public importance in the cities. We invite you to join the meeting. Each opinion and information can be crucial.

The project is implemented by the Innovator Foundation.



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