Artists and young people from three countries will rediscover the Maritsa River as a main inspiration for their creative endeavors. The participants will be teaming up in creating modern art and will take a step towards cultural cohesion and  belonging to European culture.

For a second year, the Duppini Art Group from Veliko Tarnovo will transform the riverbank space (between the pedestrian bridge and the bridge of the Plovdiv Fair) with the help of artists and young people from Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Greece and Turkey – Varol and Sema Topac, Aisun Oran and Buse Mutan from Turkey, Olga Plastira from Greece, Diyana Yovcheva, Daniela Ruseva, Teodora Lazarova and Atanas Karadechev from Plovdiv, Spas Kirichev, Margarita Ivanova and Maria Barakova from Pazardzhik. The Duppini Art Group will be presented by Rumen Dimitrov, Rumen Rachkov, and Kiril Georgiev. For the artistic transformation the participants will build an impressive branch art installation.

On August 31, at 5:00 pm in the grasslands along the Maritza River, between the Fair Bridge and the pedestrian bridge, near the Maritza Hotel, participants in Land Art by Maritza will present their creative project "The Path" to the residents and guests of the city. We will hear the stories of the participants in Land Art and together with them, under the sounds of Bulgarian folklore, we will symbolically walk along the "Path", which, like the Maritza River, crosses and connects different territories, ethnicities and cultures and embraces nature, art and us.

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