The new short films from the seven teams of directors, among whom Ralitsa Petrova, Pavel G. Vesnakov and Petar Valchanov, united in an omnibus film inspired by Plovdiv, will be part of the the Golden Rose Festival to compete individually for the award for best short film of the year.

All seven short films that were selected for the competition were shot in Plovdiv in 2018 as part of the artistic programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 and explore what is happening in the souls of seven characters in the beautiful and ancient city. More info HERE 

As a feature film, the project "7", combining all the seven short stories, had its special premiere in Plovdiv in April 2019, when it filled with audiences the two halls of Lucky House of Cinema.


Tells the story of a disgruntled employee who, in the name of corporate team building, is forced to exercise positive thinking while planting trees. But it's only after she has passed through cruelty and succeeded in connecting with another human being that she is able to experience a moment of peace and love.


Nina, a 13-year-old pickpocket with a sharp and insightful look, examines the contents of a man's wallet she has just stolen. She stares at other people's family photos with curiosity and sadness… A little later, during another attempted robbery, Nina is captured. To everyone's surprise, the victim of the robbery - Yana, refuses to turn Nina over to the police and decides to pay a little attention to the girl by getting her lunch.


A young man wanders the deserted streets of Plovdiv in an attempt to return home. Meanwhile, images of his relatives and loved ones wander through the fragmented spaces of the house from his memories. As with any return, everything closest turns out to be unreachable.


Vera receives a parcel without a name and an address. The mysterious gift takes her deeper and deeper into the abyss of her consciousness, on the border between reality and the afterlife. There she meets Ivan, her guide in a labyrinth, where the stake is Vera's survival.


31 years after the Chernobyl accident, a man and a woman find a strange creature behind their block. Since no one can help them understand what this is and where it came from, they turn to God.


A young artist is at a crossroads in her life. A married businessman proposes to her, and an unknown poet sends her letters each week with poems written specially for her. She goes for advice to an old friend from art school, hoping he will understand her.


Bibi's best and actually only friend, Teo, lives on the roof. The two are inseparable, which prevents Bibi from focusing on school and her cello practices. However, their carefree existence is about to be disrupted by a teenage guitarist who ran away from home and took shelter on the same roof.



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