Yordan Yovchev and Schneider Electric in support of energy-poor households

The installation #ДариЕнергия (#DonateEnergy) gives the start to a series of events and initiatives marking 20 years since the opening of the company’s plant in Plovdiv

At 7 p.m. on 14 September, Schneider Electric launches the initiative #ДариЕнергия (#DonateEnergy) in Plovdiv’s City Park. It is aligned with the global cause of the company, more notably its efforts to combat energy poverty. The event is also the first in a series of initiatives marking 20 years since the opening of the company’s plant in Plovdiv. For the purpose, an interactive installation will be built to enable every citizen or guest of the millennia-old city to donate a little bit of his or her energy for the sake of light and warmth coming to Bulgarian families in need. Performing simple exercises on steppers connected to the interactive installation, volunteers supporting the cause will activate the illumination of a tree in the City Park. For every completed cycle of exercises and tree illumination, the company will donate one package of practical items for increasing energy efficient consumption of households in need.

The first to illuminate #ДървотоНаШнайдер (#TheTreeofSchneider) will be the legendary Bulgarian athlete Yordan Yovchev and Mr. Remi Borel, Schneider Electric Plant Manager in Plovdiv. The installation will be located at the famous fish pool in Plovdiv’s City Park and in the course of one week, until 21st September, everybody will be able to kindle the light of #ДървотоНаШнайдер (#TheTreeofSchneider) for the sake of goodness. Through this initiative, the staff members of the Schneider Electric plant in Plovdiv seek to motivate as many people as possible to support the cause by donating a small part of their energy to the needy.

“For more than 20 years, Schneider Electric has been here, so we are well aware of both the joys and worries of Plovdiv residents. The more people join the challenge till the campaign’s end and the more times we illuminate the tree together, the more households from the region will receive aid in their struggle with energy poverty”, said Kalina Petkova, Marketing Communications Manager at Schneider Electric Bulgaria.

The relevance of the energy poverty problem in Bulgaria shows in the chart published by the European Right to Energy Coalition earlier this year in which this country leads by all indices. This is the reason why every year employees and friends of Schneider Electric visit energy poor families as volunteers and help them equip and renovate their homes so that the energy they consume is not wasted but is used with a purpose.  

The campaign #ДариЕнергия (#DonateEnergy) is organized with the active support of the Municipality of Plovdiv and is part of the associated program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019. With its expertise on the topic, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv has for years been Schneider’s partner for the region.

For more about the installation, look up this video and the event’s page on Facebook HERE.

For information and latest news regarding the initiative, follow the Facebook page of Schneider Electric Bulgaria. Other options for participation in the campaign and its results will be published on the page.

We are looking forward to you!

#ДариЕнергия! (#DonateEnergy) Help at least one energy poor household in Bulgaria!


About Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric is a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation of homes, buildings, data centers, the energy infrastructure and the industry. Present in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric is leading in power management – medium and low voltage, energy security and automation. We believe that people and partners are the ones who make Schneider Electric a successful company and that our striving for innovation and sustainability guarantees that electric power is available (Life Is On) everywhere, to everybody and at any time.

Schneider Electric has been present in Bulgaria since 1990, initially under the brands Merlin Gerin and Telemechanique which in 1993 merged in a single trade office. In 1998, Schneider Electric founded a subsidiary in Sofia – Schneider Electric Bulgaria EOOD. In 1999, the company acquired a detached section of the plant for electric equipment in Perushtitsa.
In 2007, Schneider Electric unveiled a new plant in the City of Plovdiv with electric breakers being the facility’s manufacturing focus. The investment was to the tune of 22 million euro and included a built-up area and new manufacturing equipment. The manufacturing process of Schneider Electric in Bulgaria is of great importance for the company’s development worldwide.

Learn more at https://www.se.com/bg/bg/.




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