The Beauty We Share is a pioneering long-term socially engaged arts project involving an international artist, a Bulgarian anthropologist and locals from the neighbourhood of Stolipinovo (Plovdiv) in mutual relations of sharing and exchange.

Discussions and collaborative work have revolved around the topic of Beauty. The aim of the socially engaged arts project is to co-create work which reflects artistry, resilience, innovation, and beauty built by people in Stolipinovo despite the challenges they face. The process of mutual sharing and listening has taken great amount of time and attention as reflected in the series of handmade books, prints, collages and crafts.

Presentation and exhibition:
24th September– 27th September 2019
Opening: 24th Sept., 19.30 – 21.30
FLUCA Pavilion, Plovdiv
ul. "Otets Paisiy" 38

Extended exhibition:
16 – 29 November 2019
Opening: 16.11 at 18.00
SKLAD, Plovdiv
16 Ekzarh Yosif Str.

Organised by:
Hannah Rose &
Nikola Venkov

Supported by:
The Bulgarian National Cultural Fund
FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion
Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019

The exhibition of artist books in the FLUCA Pavilion, opening on the 24th of September (24 – 27.09 at 38 Otets Paisii Str.,) presents the evolution of these intimate interpersonal relations for an outside audience. It is part of an ongoing conversation that will continue with a larger installation throughout November in SKLAD, Plovdiv.

The collaboration with the community undertaken by artist Hannah Rose and anthropologist Dr Nikola Venkov builds on their earlier work in Stolipinovo. The project “The Beauty We Share” is implemented with the financial support of the Bulgarian National Cultural Fund.

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