The CHROMA performance

The CHROMA performance of the co-founder of the world-famous Japanese artistic team Dumb Type, Shiro Takatani, arrives for the jubilee edition of ONE DANCE WEEK this autumn in Plovdiv. Dance lovers will be able to immerse themselves in an image and sound experiment on two consecutive days, October 6 and 7, at 19:30 at Boris Hristov House of Culture in the City under the hills.

CHROMA comes to One Dance Week with the support of EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee in partnership with Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria, Nihon Tomono Kai, Agency for Cultural Affairs, The Government of Japan and The Japan Foundation.
CHROMA is a dance of light and shadows in which visual effects and large-scale graphics follow every step of the performers on stage as if to overcome and absorb them.

Choreographer Shiro Takatani overcomes the laws of physics and modern optical technology to make the audience look for meaning in the hundreds of images they see on the screen every day. That’s how we are, in fact, constantly seeing and creating the world around us. Takatani is inspired, first of all, by the music of Simon Fisher Turner, and then by the last book of the English director-avant-garde, artist and screenwriter Derek Jarman – “CHROMA: A Book of Color”; (1994).

The performance is filled with poetry, anecdotes, quotes by Aristotle, Leonardo, Newton, Goethe, Wittgenstein and other celebrities, as well as reflections on the loss of vision – Jarman himself loses his vision at the end of his life. Since the shift from analog to digital technologies, we have been blessed with high-resolution sound and video. However, how can we recover the meaning in them? Or have we forgotten everything? As Spinoza, who polished lenses in order to see the beauty of the world, we have technologies today which are able to capture any moment and observe the world in minute detail but do we employ them in a
meaningful way?

So far, it seems, we reach only convincing façades and not the actual and often harrowing beauty of the real. Chroma is not founded upon a script, it is rather an experiment, which strives to rediscover art aspure experience.

– Shiro Takatani, January 2012



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