A year before Plovdiv 2019 – "Financial Times" – Plovdiv is becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists

Plovdiv with the wine tourism and festivals entered the "Financial Times" in the articles about the Bulgarian chairmanship of the European Parliament. The British newspaper has published a series of articles on political and economic themes about Bulgaria, in which Plovdiv is brought forward as a popular destination. They also mention the fact that the city has increased its tourist flow twice in the last six years and according to the mayor Ivan Totev more than 2 million visitors are expected in 2019, when Plovdiv will the European Capital of Culture. In the article entitled "Visitors' increase helps the Bulgarian festivals thrive," is also said that in 2018 Plovdiv will host a second global wine event.

Here is the whole text about Plovdiv in the article:

In less than a two-hour drive from Sofia down the Trakia highway is Plovdiv, whose 350 000 citizens turn it into the second largest city in Bulgaria. It is believed that the city has been named after Philip II Macedonian, the father of Alexander the Great and the city’s conqueror in the 4th century BC. Plovdiv is becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists.

"Within six years we have doubled the tourist flow and in 2016 more than 800 000 tourists visited our town," said Plovdiv Mayor Ivan Totev. "In 2019 Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture and then we expect to have 2 million visitors."

Festivals continue to emerge all over the country even after European funds have been used for the development of local tourism by many municipalities in the country. Their number has increased considerably within four years, as about 200 of them have been revived and inspired for a new life, and more than 350 have been created to bring together lovers of ethnography, food, art, wine or sports.

When it comes to wine tourism, festivals are turning into international ones – in 2018 Plovdiv will host a second global wine event within less than two years.

"Bulgaria strives to attract even more tourists and experts through such events and through creating references to our Thracian cultural heritage," said Meglena Mihova, founder of marketing and wine producing companies in Bulgaria, Belgium, and the United States.

Authorities and businesses are trying to "improve the image of the country and at the same time to advertise wine production," says Mihova. According to “Wine Enthusiast” magazine, for 2017 the Thracian Valley, where Plovdiv is located, is the second best destination for wine tourism.



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