International Forum for Social Innovations

When: 1–3 November 2019

Where: House of Science and Technics at 1 William Gladstone Str. / Central Post Office / Various locations

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1 NOVEMBER - Cognitive inspiration
2 NOVEMBER - Collective visions
3 NOVEMBER - Connecting

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Will Buckingham and Hannah Stevens - We are made of stories! Let's tell new ones!
Angelos Varvarousis - Postive radicality in Greece "after" the crisis
Vera Petkanchin - The future is networked local: can we revive our rural and mountain regions through artisan entreprenurial activity and experiential education for a new generation of eco-entreprerial leaders?
Yanina Taneva-Georgieva - Social glue tactics: radical answers to radical isolation
Jason Nardi - Solidarity economy models
Galya Dimitrova-Dimova - New radical art?
Istvan Szakats - Micropolitics of cultural work
Bushan Trivedi - Solutions to energy poverty
Nadezhda Maksimova - Alternative choices - from toothpaste to communication. Collective bank of knowledge network

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