When was the last time you played a game? Do you remember this pleasant excitement at the beginning, shivers down your spine when you solved the most difficult riddle and unlimited happiness when you finally won? We're going to play games in amazing Bulgarian Plovdiv (8-10 November) and fascinating Italian Matera (31 October – 2 November). Curational concept: Departament Gier

We invite you to the Fusion 2019 - Urban Games Festival

We invite you to the Fusion 2019 - Urban Games Festival, the first festival co-produced by two European Capitals of Culture, which takes place during the Plotera Weeks, celebrating Plovdiv and Matera “Together for an Open Future”.

For who?

For everyone who wants to feel the thrill and look at the city from a different perspective. We’re giving you 10 different games that will allow you to explore the city, search for clues, solve mysteries, cooperate and compete, and be the best.

Where and when?

We turn the whole Plovdiv into a playground. The starting place for each game will be given later. The Festival center is SKLAD in the Tobacco City. The FUSION - Urban Games festival lasts 3 days from 8th November till 10th November, during which we will play 10 different games coming from Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Russia and Bulgaria.


To enjoy yourself, feel like a child for a moment. To celebrate Matera and Plovdiv as two Capitals of Culture for the year 2019 and look at those cities form a different perspective.


For each game, there is a different registration. You can register using the website or on the spot.


Here you can check the detailed programme.



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