Two of our open calls have received their proposals

It's February! And besides wishes for sunny days in one of the best months, we bring you news.

The end of January is also celebrated with the end of the application phase for two of our open calls – "Chitalishta – community participation and innovation" and "ADATA AiR". The numerous projects and events are about to take place during this and the next year. 

We want to thank everyone for the great interest and good attitude. At such times, the power of the European Capital of Culture is so clearly felt.

A little more about the two options:

The open call "Chitalishta – community participation and innovation" is aimed at developing the unique community centers – chitalishta of Bulgaria. It is aimed for chitalishta from the South Central Region /districts of Plovdiv, Smolyan, Haskovo, Kardjali and Pazardzhik/ and their partners /without geographical constraints/. The projects will be realized between April 2018 and December 2019 and can be developed both by the reading clubs itself and by other organizations and artists in partnership with chitalishta. The total budget of the contest is BGN 250 000 and the maximum grant of each project is up to BGN 5000.

The open invitation continued from the beginning of November 2017 until the end of January 2018 and we received more than 250 projects. We are so grateful for the great interest! The results will be announced in early March.

During their stay, the residents will have the opportunity to develop new projects and interact with local communities and the complex cultural realities of the city. Focus of the residency programme is the urban landscape of the city. It is basically divided into the following two sections:

  • Nature-culture relations within the city: the river passing through the city and a wild island in it and also the city’s seven hills are some of its landmarks;
  • Architectural layering: a mixture of styles and epochs, having some remarkable examples of Modernist, Soviet, Bauhaus architecture as well as an intriguing heritage of industrial and religious buildings, and even some illegal community-created structures.

The project aims to provide conditions for dialogue and exchange between the local artistic environment in Plovdiv and the visiting artists, architects, designers, and others. During their stay, ADATA AiR residents will have the opportunity to develop new projects and interact with local communities and the multi-layered cultural environment of the city.

ADATA AiR is a project of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, realized in partnership with the Goethe-Institute in Bulgaria and the Polish Institute in Sofia.

The open invitation will continue from the end of December 2017 until the end of January 2018, and the residences of the selected participants will be from March 15 to July 15, 2018.

Stay tuned and follow our online channels because the next three opportunities will be announced very soon.



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