Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019: School of Participation - training for creative practitioners,

Bulgaria: 29/11/19 – 6/12/19

Are you interested in learning new creative skills? Would you like to create artistic events in public space, or make celebrations within your community? Do you already work with volunteers?

You may have trained in creative or performing arts…you may already be involved in arts, crafts or cultural activities, or have a desire to learn new skills…you may play music, or work with nature, or inspire children or young people.  You may be a teacher, artist, mother, scientist, activist, volunteer – all will be welcome.

This training will bring local people in Plovdiv together with international practitioners to explore participatory arts practice and celebrate volunteering. It will involve ‘learning by doing’, and you will share your skills with others from across Europe, professional and non-professionals alike.

Intense, ambitious, interesting, this will be learning on the edge…this School will enable 25 people to come together in a unique programme to acquire skills and knowledge quickly, while extending their own European cultural networks.

Creative practitioners will explore the relationship between art, community and culture in new ways – working in public space to build civic engagement, supported by Walk the Plank (UK).  

Training will be mainly in English. International practitioners need to be available for the whole course, travelling to Plovdiv to arrive 29/11 and departing after the debrief 6/12.

Admission is free. 

Please, register for participation at the email: (Subject: SOP Plovdiv) with your name, age, city of residence, and what is your artistic interest.

Deadline for applications: 18 November 2019

What people have said about this training:

“…the most impressive thing was how they involved the community in the project and made this not just another event, but an event made by the people, for the people, under the orchestration of the teachers and us, the students”.

“I learned to respect everyone's opinions as a part of co-creation and also, confidence.”

“I have gained many new local contacts that are going to be very important when it comes to general collective actions, as well as for the development of new projects in the community.”

“The information and knowledge delivered by Walk the Plank’s team is clearly the result of decades of experience and thoughtful evolution. I feel it was invaluable and would encourage as much exposure to that kind of expertise and work ethic as possible.”

“What impressed me was how the design and planning processes were very democratic. Everyone had a say, all ideas were welcome, and the overall outcome was a result of exchange and co-operation. “

“Last but not least, at the dinner table, the conversations, the exchange of stories and the bonding that took place was heart-warming and unforgettable”


With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Plovdiv 2019, NoviSad 2021, Coventry (UK) City of Culture 2021, Kaunas 2022 and Uni-T Graz.  




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