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A new visual identity for Plovdiv cultural community centres

On 1 November, the National Enlighteners Day, Plovdiv’s chitalishta put on a new visual dress.

For more than a year and a half now, the designers from Postsudio, executing the programme of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture, have been designing a new logo for the city’s chitalishta, or cultural community centres. The new sign is meant to help restore people’s interest in the work of these regional institutions as homes of active culture.

The logo bears the words “Onwards, Follow the Sun of Science,” inscribed in a sunlike circle, as a reminder that chitalishta are Bulgaria’s oldest institutions serving communities’ needs of education and enlightenment. Both the typeface and the colours combine the past and present reflecting chitalishta presence in today’s cultural life. Another goal of the new sign is to attract young audiences to chitalishta stimulating young people to offer their uniqueness, potential, energy and enthusiasm.

Starting in 2017, Plovdiv-based chitalishta have been the most active and key partner of the Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019 initiative. As a mainstay of culture and education, chitalishta have been developing their potential by showing a tight programme on a large scale, directed at a wide range of participants and publics. A special focus are the communities that preserve the histories of refugees from Aegean Thrace who settled in the Küçük Paris quarter, the cultural history and traditions of Bulgarian Jews, kukeri games in the Komatevo quarter, women from the urban and rural regions. The main theme of the hundreds of events in this period were literacy and Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet, traditions, decades-old children’s and Bulgarian folklore.

Plovdiv-based chitalishta conceived 27 projects with over 400 events across the city, and the various neighbourhoods have ensured that the European Capital of Culture reached everyone.

Continuity and modernity are the key words for the updating and revival of Plovdiv chitalishta. The new sign is also a symbol of unification between these active partners and their future “together.”

A happy holiday, chitalishta!



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