All Together – For Better Education and Health,

Plovdiv 2019 Foundation is partners of the Municipality of Plovdiv in the project " All Together – For Better Education and Health" part of the Program for Encouraging Social Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups of a Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation program and focuses on the educational and health integration of Roma and other vulnerable groups living in Plovdiv's a quarter of Stolipinovo as well as in the Kuklen village.

The Municipality of Plovdiv envisage results in several directions: infrastructure, education, healthcare. The main activities include the construction of a facility for the Iztok primary health care center, the building of educational centers in the yards of the Nayden Gerov and Kiril Nektariev schools, as well as running a string of educational and health care training.

The Plovdiv 2019 Foundation has started a large-scale mapping of ethnic communities in the quarter of Stolipinovo which aim is to make detail research about the everyday practices and their living conditions based on health and education context and terms. The Foundation gathers a team of eight professionals in the fields of education, health care, psychology, and sociology worked with communities in Stolipinovo. They were led by anthropology experts who have done research in the quarter and will analyze and summarize the gathered information.

In July, the team worked in the field in different areas of Stolipinovo, conducting over 300 direct individual surveys. The team meets periodically to exchange advice, guidance, and recommendations from anthropologists to the interviewers, as well as for coordination plans steps among project participants.

The deadline for completing the mapping process is the end of August. The next step is to analyze and summarize the information collected by anthropologists to bring out the main demographic data, strengths, and problem areas in the educational and health context in the neighborhood, as well as the interconnections between communities and institutions in the neighborhood.



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