We present to you Plovdiv Typeface, the typeface family design project which brought together thousands of Plovdivians and friends of our city. Mounted as an outdoor exhibition, Plovdiv Typeface consists of 36 canvases that depict the phases of how the first free urban typeface was created drawing on some 4,000 handwritings.

When: 19 November – 19 December
Where: Rimski Stadion Sq

Coming along, you will learn details of how we gathered the manuscripts and analysed the letter shapes. But ultimately you will experience the challenges, ideas and all the curious results we ended up with – all of them crucial for how the Plovdiv typeface family came to be.

The Plovdiv Typeface has become the unifying sign of Plovdiv’s progressives in 2019, the landmark year in which the city celebrates its hosting of the first European Capital of Culture that uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

Starting 1 November, you can download the Plovdiv Typeface family at www.plovdivtypeface.com. The set contains seven variants of the typeface inspired by the city’s character – varied, multi-layered, tolerant and unified.

Plovdiv typeface is available for free download at www.plovdivtypeface.com

Website: https://plovdivtypeface.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/plovdivtypeface/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/plovdivtypeface/



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