International Mural Festival in Staro Zhelezare

On 29 July at 6.00 pm together with the organizers, people from the village, media and guests from Bulgaria and abroad, we opened the awkward walls of the International Mural Festival in Staro Zhelezare.

For fifth consecutive year Polish students from the preparatory fine arts school of the Academy of Art in Poznan, Poland, paining for almost a month famous international figures, meeting on the fences and walls of the houses together with the faces of people from Staro Jelezare. The main engines of everything happening there are the artists and curators Katarzina and Ventsi Piriankov from Piriankov Contemporary Art Center. The project combines different aspects. On one hand it is a kind of archive, keeping the heroes and faces of the village, but on the other hand, mural art has been turned into a reaction and commentary of the local and global reality.

“Open village/ village avant-garde” is the theme of the festival this year. The reference to the avant-garde art is not a coincidence, 2017 is a year full of anniversaries – 100 years since the October Revolution, 100 years of avant-garde Polish art, as well as 10 years since the first demonstration of the avant-garde artists.

This edition of the project, that turns Staro Jelezare into of the most vivid villages on the Balkans, is realized under the patronage and exclusive support of foundation “Plovdiv 2019”, as well as together with the mayor of the city of Poznan – Jacek Jaskowiak, The Institute of Slavic Philology Ädam Mitskevich” in Poznan and the Polish Cultural Institute in Sofia.

You can see photos of the events HERE.



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