An open lesson showed the secrets of calligraphy to Plovdiv students

Dozens of students from the Tsanko Lavrenov National Art Gallery participated in a workshop devoted to calligraphic art and font. Together with students from the National Academy of Art, the students learned more about the names of different types of font, the Bulgarian system for classification of the fonts and the road of the present-day Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet.

The event took place in the space of the Association of Plovdiv Artists with a presentation by Kapka Kaneva-Chief Assistant of the “Department of Books, Illustration and Printing Graphics”, with disciplines “Composition of books and Press Graphics”, and Philip Boyadzhiev – Assistant of “Department of Books, Illustration and Printing Graphics, with discipline “Computer Aspects of Graphic Design”. They talked about the possibilities for realization of the students in the field of graphic arts and introduced them to interesting projects related to the font, illustration and contemporary layout of a book.

Students from the Academy also showed how the brush becomes an instrument for writing in an open lesson. In the work environment, there were ten graders from “Advertising Graphics” and eighth-graders from the high school.

Yone Ibarando from San Sebastian – Spain, who is on an internship at the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, also made the first attempt at the beautiful shaping of the Cyrillic alphabet. “Writing is a detailed, delicate work as a painting,” Yone said, adding that she had worked harder on the letter Y, which her name began in the Cyrillic alphabet.

The open lesson is part of the “Auditorium” project of the Department of Book, Illustration and Print Graphics at the National Art Academy and part of the series of exhibitions and events under the motto “Together in Kirillitsa“. An open lesson about the handwriting font, the characteristics of the graphical environment, the names of the types of font, the Bulgarian font family classification system, our font culture and the way of the contemporary Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet – the new official alphabet in the European Union’s communication system.

The events dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet were organized jointly by the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, the National Art Academy, Sofia, the House of Culture “Boris Hristov” and the Association of Plovdiv Artists.



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