Forum 2019: Focus Volunteers

The training aims to deepen the knowledge and understanding of what it is like to be a volunteer for the European Capital of Culture project and will help the participants learn different techniques for solving practical cases in field work and teamwork by involving through role-playing games

Where: House of Culture "Boris Hristov", Big Conference Hall


23.11.2017, Thursday, from 14.00 to 18.00
24.11.2017, Friday, from 10.00 to 14.00

Speakers: Mayumi Taniguchi - Japan, Liliana Lirca and Cosmin Rapeanu - Romania
Admission: Free

In order to enable the inclusion of more people, the training is conducted with completely identical modules and topics, which are repeated on two consecutive days. Register here by choosing your preferred day.

Lecturers will be:
Mayumi Taniguchi - Coordinator of the International Volunteer Programme of EU JAPAN FEST;
Liliana Lirca - Coordinator of the National Volunteer Programme of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu, Romania;
Cosmin Rapeanu - Assistant Coordinator for the Sibiu-Takayama Volunteer Exchange Project.

By participating in one of the two days of training, you will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the essence of what it is to be a volunteer for the European Capital of Culture project, but also to learn different techniques for solving practical cases and working in teams of people who meet each other for the first time at an event venue.

The programme is focused on solving, individually and in groups, of specific cases in the implementation of large-scale cultural events.

The whole event is based on active participation through training and case studies, and will include tasks related to the physical and intellectual commitment of the participants.

After the active participation in the training, each participant will be introduced to the importance of volunteering in the context of the events of the European Capitals of Culture.



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