Plovdiv 2019 Foundation Returns To Its Old Premisses

Plovdiv 2019 Foundation returns to its old premisses – at 2 Rayko Daskalov Str., 4000 Plovdiv, near the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv, after having its headquarters at the Tobacco City in SKLAD, where the team of the State Opera – Plovdiv will continue to use.

Please send all your postal mail to this new address.

For the moment, due to the COVID19 restrictions, we still would like to ask you to reach us online and not to come directly to our office. We continue our work from home and we also invite to follow our initiative #StayECOzyCinhome 🏠 with #ECoC, in which we publish daily links to performances, cultural events, reports provided by Bulgarian National Television 2 in Plovdiv, State Puppet Theatre in Plovdiv and other partner organizations.

Our team is available by phone, email or through our social networks.

Please follow the government’s instructions for conscious behaviour and discipline in relation to the measures against the spread of COVID-19.



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