What Happened in April a Year Ago

Plovdiv has been the only Bulgarian city so far to host the European Capital of Culture initiative. In 2019 our city celebrated this landmark cultural initiative of the European Union.

What happened a year ago

Each month in “What Happened a Year Ago” we look back at some of the highlights in our programme during the landmark year 2019. We call to mind this incredible energy and focus on the efforts and creativity of the hundreds of partners who joined in our programme. More than 300 projects and nearly 600 events engulfed Plovdiv but also the entire South Central Region as well as the cities in the second round of the competition for hosting the title — Varna, Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo.

April 2019

Listen to Us – Artistic Intelligence,” Deutsche Telekom’s prestigious contemporary art exhibition, was in Plovdiv between 4 April and 20 June 2019. The show added a new dimension of what constitutes an exhibition by offering free educational tours for children and adults alike that helped bring a wider public to the world of art.

We were searching for the big questions of faith, doubt, guilt and free will in the premiere on 6 April of “The Brothers Karamazov,” a production of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre based on Dostoevsky’s epoch-making novel. Economist.bg later described the piece, directed by Deyan Proykovski and with cast led by the celebrated Bulgarian actors Vladimir Penev and Deyan
Donkov, as the season’s highlight.

Throughout the year the Children’s Science Centre Muzeiko was in Plovdiv with “Eurika” (at the Museum Centre for Contemporary History), an exhibition telling about some of the most popular discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries.

With gorgeous singing, Plovdiv’s choirs performed at multiple spaces across the city where accomplished singing is not normally experienced. In March and April, appearing at the Central
Railway Station and the Rhodope Bus Station, the dedicated singers surprised travellers waiting for their transport.

While getting ready for the Ayliak Parade in May, we spent multiple hours designing carnival costumes and masks.

We presented Plovdiv’s new souvenirs, crafted under the Take Away Plovdiv project, which assembled some of Bulgaria’s most noted artisans, inspiring them to change our notions of what a souvenir is, or can be.

We studied the subject of violence in society with guidance from Associate Professor Vazkresia Viharova and the documentary show “Untold Told: Documentary Fiction” at the Ancient
Bathhouse Contemporary Art Halls and a 24-hour marathon (forum theatre) on violence at school.

We also walked “The Long Way to the Stars” with the theatre show/science lecture dedicated to the most recent information about the origin of the Solar System and how life originated.

The famed singer Nina Nikolina led the Voices From Bulgaria folk ensemble on an tour through Plovdiv neighbourhoods.

We joined teaching sessions led by Wim Vanacker and Jerôme Nunes, as part of European Short Pitch 2019 (ESP), the international educational and training forum and one of Europe’s
most significant events for the development and production of short films.

At SKLAD, we saw the premiere of “The Cicadas,” by Miroslav Hristov, a play nominated for the prestigious IKAR 2020 prize in the Best Dramaturgical Text category.

Plovdiv Puppet Theatre presented the “The Prince of the Sea and the Prince of the Earth,” a show created specially for Plovdiv 2019 and inspired by the traditional Japanese Bunraku theatre.

The Lummix 2019 festival turned Central Plovdiv’s Tsar Simeonova Garden into a storyteller of light.

The concert “Faith” brought together some of Bulgaria’s best jazz and folklore musicians.

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