The variety is tasty with "Multi Kulti Kitchen"

Pazardjik is a part of our artistic program's venues also due to "Multi Kulti Kitchen" – the project won by the Union for Independent Creative Communication and the Pazardzhik Youth House.

In view of our motto TOGETHER, the “Multi Kulti Kitchen” project focuses on integrating foreign communities, raising the awareness of the local community about the contribution of migrants to the region. The project provokes us to try and prepare interesting and tasty dishes, enabling migrants and different ethnic groups to present the best of their cuisine and culture. The events are happening equally in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik in 2018 and in 2019.

Multi Kulti Collective is the organization under whose brand the events take place. The informal platform is the main activity in support of the integration of all newcomers in the Bulgarian society. The goals of the organization are to build bridges between different communities or groups to help affirm the sense of belonging to the local community by foreign communities; to continue the already established activity of the Multi Kulti Team by informing the Bulgarian society of the rich cultural and economic contribution of migrants and refugees and at the same time stimulating intercultural dialogue. This will counteract the stereotypes and create a tolerant attitude both in the hosting society and in the migrants towards the Bulgarians and Bulgaria.

Applying this model of thinking, people will form knowledge of different cultures, establish human relationships with each other, and how few differences exist between us as humans.

This includes:

  • Multi Kulti Kitchenthemed cultural and culinary evenings - the main event is the organization of a night that gives foreigners the opportunity to present their country attractive, while the Bulgarian community is informally touching their culture, personal stories, and cuisine. These meetings encourage the two groups to create contacts and friendships. The first event of the program will be with representatives of the Armenian community in Pazardzhik. It will take place on 24 March. Armenian hosts will present their culture by tasting traditional foods and drinks, interesting facts; first-person stories about the country of origin and Armenian culture.

Accompanying events:

  • "Heal the World" – cultural and educational workshops for Bulgarian children and foreigners from all migrant communities. Children and teenagers will have the opportunity to learn in a safe informal environment, learn something new and have fun together. Workshops will introduce children to national and cultural characteristics including cuisine, traditional art, music, and more.
  • Multi Kulti Card – bilingual electronic map. It maps authentic restaurants, shops, bakeries, pastry shops. Owners or chefs tell their personal integration story. The initiative gives visibility to culinary and cultural diversity.
  • Crossing point – profile and story of an interesting representative of the foreign community residing in Bulgaria through a media partner.

The project reflects the advantages and barriers encountered in terms of belonging to a particular cultural and ethnic community. The activities in the project respect the basic and most important principles on which the intercultural attitude is based: confidence, respect, identity experience, dialogue with the other, change and overall commitment that we will achieve through the direct meeting between Bulgarians and foreigners.



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