What happened in July a year ago

Plovdiv has been the only Bulgarian city so far to host the European Capital of Culture initiative. In 2019 our city this landmark cultural initiative of the European Union.

What happened a year ago

Each month in “What Happened a Year Ago” we look back at some of the highlights in our programme during the landmark year 2019. We call to mind this incredible energy and focus on the efforts and creativity of the hundreds of partners who joined in our programme. More than 300 projects and nearly 600 events engulfed Plovdiv but also the entire South Central Region as well as the cities in the second round of the competition for hosting the title — Varna, Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo.

July 2019

Throughout the year the Children’s Science Centre Muzeiko was in Plovdiv with “Eurika” (at the Museum Centre for Contemporary History), an exhibition telling about some of the most popular discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The artists from the Mimart Theatre connected the city centre to the river with their street theatre show Magical Dream and some Island Magic

The world famous graffiti artists Ella & Pitr were coming to Plovdiv with their trademark – the Sleeping giants.

Murmures of Rhodope
Fairytales project transformed the villages of Boykovo and Dobralak in Plovdiv region in a stage for a fairytale performance-journey from France to Bulgaria. 

The Sense of a City project explored how inclusive, safe and sustainable Plovdiv is, and the Trakia and Proslav districts became an inspiration for Bulgarian and international artists who
created temporary and lasting interventions in urban environments.

The special edition ‘Background: Young Artists from Plovdiv’ presented a concourse exhibition with works of the youngest generation of Plovdiv artists.

Free architecture workshops in July invited the children of Plovdiv to join the hands-on construction of their Children City at the Youth Hill. With the help of architects and using entirely ecological and recycled materials, they were able to build various temporary structures on the Youth Hill. From benches and gazebos to whole pavilions, to become a playground, but also in the personification of their ideas how a real Children's Town should look like. And of course they had a lot of fun, too… 

The magical OPERA OPEN festival features once again world-famous opera performers and conductors from Europe, the USA and Asia, as well as Bulgarian singers and musicians with established international careers at the emblematic space of the Ancient Theatre, whose cultural layers go back centuries.

FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion was again at its usual address at Otets Paisii Str and presented a rich programme for the 2019’s Season – digital art and new technologies, street art and urban design, music, cinema, dance, theater and literature, exhibitions, concerts, movies, workshops, discussions and meetings with artists. 

We enjoyed open-air demonstrations of watercolour artists — recognised masters as well as talented young
people; plein-air sessions; and collective painting of long watercolour as part of the programme of International Youth Festival
of Watercolour in Plovdiv. 

The Building Together: Learning from Stolipinovo project encouraged togetherness through architectural workshops, where we learned from the craftsmen of Stolipinovo and from each other.

The amazing ABC’s of Polish Design exhibition we celebrated 100 years of
Polish design, introduced 100 design objects and 100 stories about design. 

The photo exhibition by Youlian Tabakov ‘Moments’ posed serious moral and aesthetic questions and encouraged us to ponder eternal
subjects such as transitoriness, old age, death, love, the beginning, and the end. 

The Gala Concert at the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv of the Youth Symphony Orchestra
‘PROGRESSIVE’ gathered young musicians from all over Europe. The conductor was Tsanislav Petkov, the soloist – the world renowned violinist
Svetlin Roussev. 

Check out all the public events in July 2019 HERE.



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