Plovdiv 2019 is part of the Volunteer Coordinator Talks # 8, an initiative of Timișoara 2021

On 24th June 2020 representatives of 10 European Capitals of Culture participated in the ECoC Volunteer Coordinator Talks # 8, initiated by Timișoara 2021. Plovdiv 2019 was represented by Mr Franz Kadiri - Volunteers and Regional relations coordinator in Plovdiv 2019 Foundation who sharing experience from the long-term programme and provoked interesting and useful discussion.

As part of the session was also the established network of volunteer programme coordinators and the sustainability of volunteer programmes after the year of the title (you can download our unique edition Volunteer Legacy from HERE, which tells the story of Plovdiv 2019's volunteers work and is our descriptive legacy and know-how for all future capitals of culture.)

What are ECoC Volunteer Coordinators Talks?

Coordinators of volunteer programmes in several European capitals of culture meet to discuss the situation of volunteer programmes, the ways of adaptation related to the crisis caused by covid-19 and identify opportunities for international collaboration.

Participants are representatives of Timisoara 2021, EU Japan Fest, Sibiu 2007, Galway 2020, Rijeka 2020, Matera 2019, Plovdiv 2019, Novi Sad 2021, Eleusis 2021, Kaunas 2022, Aarhus 2017, Tartu 2024, Veszprem Balaton 2023, Pafos 2017, Wrocław 2016.

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