The Building Together Project is Presented in Specially Created Books

"Together" is not just the motto of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019, but also an idea and a mission behind which Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and the partners of the Building Together project stand with its project, which is a part of the bid book of Plovdiv 2019. The project consists of two parts – “Building Together: Children's City“ and “Building Together: Learning from Stolipinovo“.

The Pink Book reveals the path of the project “Building Together: Learning from Stolipinovo“ – this is a project-process for practical interventions in the urban environment of Plovdiv through architectural workshops. Its core is the teamwork with craftsmen from Stolipinovo – Berul the carpenter, Zdravko the ironworker, Carlo the builder, from the initial idea to its realization. Over 60 participants became involved in the process – pupils, students, young professionals, residents from the neighbourhood. They all expanded their knowledge and skills while building together and learning from one another.

Authors: Donika Georgieva, Miroslav Velkov, Dessislava Kovacheva, Ivan Bonev, with the special contribution of Enzio Wetzel and Genika Baycheva. Collaborators: Néstor Boli, Ted Stanton (Ted Stanton Photography), Philip Mihaylov (Next Level Photography). See the book online here or in pdf here.

The Green Book is about the “Building Together: Children's City“. Children of Plovdiv were invited to join the hands-on construction of their Children City at the Youth Hill. With the help of architects and using entirely ecological and recycled materials, they were able to build various temporary structures on the Youth Hill. From benches and gazebos to whole pavilions, to become a playground, but also in the personification of their ideas how a real Children's Town should look like. See the book online here  or in pdf here.

Authors: Magdalina Rajeva, Anna Kalinova, with the special contribution of Maik Ronz. Photographs: Néstor Boli, Magdalina Rajeva Violena Georgieva, Toni Toneva,Pavlina Grozeva, Hristo Zhurnalov, Ventsislav Radkov, Michel Klehm, Veronica Andres. 

Photo credits: © Nestor Boli Galindo

'Building Together' is a project based on the concept by Martin Kaltwasser and Maik Ronz (Germany), implemented by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Children´s Architecture Workshop (Bulgaria), Discovered Spaces (Bulgaria), Atelier 3 (Bulgaria) and local partners. with the support of the Wilo Foundation.



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