52 Projects are selected by the Legacy II Open Calls

121 were the candidates who shared their ideas for the Legacy of the European Capital of Culture initiative in Plovdiv under the open call Legacy II of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation. Of these, 42 projects were registered in the Creative Plovdiv part, and 79 in the Festivals and Creative Activities part.

The commissions of the two open calls made their assessment, which was approved by a decision of the Board of the Directors of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation on April 14, 2021 and selected a total of 52 projects for which it allocated BGN 1,499,250.50, available thanks to Melina Mercury Prize, awarded to the team of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation in 2018 after the last monitoring meeting with the international jury of the European Commission for the successful work on the organization of the European Capital of Culture project.

For the "Festivals and Creative Activities" from the received 79 project proposals, in the category 'Festivals and big events' there are 29 proposals, and in the category, 'Small projects' - 50 project proposals. Based on the fixed budget and the large number of quality proposals, the jury had a difficult task and chose to support a total of 31 projects - 14 in the category 'Festivals and big events' and 17 in the category 'Small projects'. With its decision, the jury distributed a total of BGN 999,330.00, of the limit of BGN 1 million, of which BGN 115,533.00 were allocated under the category 'Small projects', and for 'Festivals and large events - BGN 883,797.00. Of the selected projects, 19 envisage public events in 2021 and 12 in 2022. Among the selected are 14 organizations from Sofia, one candidate from abroad, 5 organizations from abroad and 11 from Plovdiv.

A total of 42 project proposals were received for an open call Legacy II - Creative Plovdiv direction. Of these, based on evaluation criteria and discussion, the jury chose to support a total of 21 projects and offer 3 reservations. Of these, 9 plan events in 2021 and 12 in 2022. Under the terms of the open call, the jury could allocate up to BGN 500,000.00 and in view of the limited budget, the commission set a maximum of BGN 50,000 per project and total distributes BGN 499,920.50.

The selection includes both events and cultural operators that have become emblematic as part of the programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019, which upgrade their ideas, and artists and creative organizations, which for the first time now plan the implementation of cultural content as part of the priorities of the initiative European Cultural Capital. These are events such as Opera Open, One Dance Week, the second part of the Reunion film, first editions in Plovdiv of the music festivals Solar and Music Daze, the new edition of Love Swing Dance, the FARA festival, Electric Orpheus, the Anime and gaming festival and the youth platform PROGRESSIVE, the Plovdiv open-air festival Shake That Hill, projects dedicated to Georgi Bozhilov - SLONA and the tenor Kamen Chanev, as well as projects of Letera Publishing House, Studio for Documentary Theater VOX POPULI, The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Regional Library "Ivan Vazov", City Art Gallery - Plovdiv, Regional Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv, Plovdiv Photographic Union and others.

The juries were for "Festivals and Creative Activities": Krastyu Krastev, Anastas Badev, Maria Lutzova, Plamena Terzieva (representative of the department 'Business Development and European Policies' of the Municipality of Plovdiv), Antoaneta Dimitrova (Chief Accountant of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation); for "Creative Plovdiv" the commission was composed of: Angel Geshev, Vladislav Sevov, Micho Dimitrov, Nina Dimovska (representative of the "Culture" Department of the Municipality of Plovdiv), Antoaneta Dimitrova (Foundation "Plovdiv 2019").

All selected candidates have two weeks to confirm or refuse the proposed selection and to sign contracts and implement the planned events.

The full details are in the protocols of the commissions available in Bulgarian Language only:

- for the direction "Festivals and creative initiatives" - HERE

- for the direction "Creative Plovdiv" - HERE

Follow our communication channels for details on all projects, dates of public events and information about the artists and the program of the events.



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