It’s time to dance, it’s time for Spotlight: USA

March 26 through March 28 Plovdiv will welcome not only 9 leading American dance companies, but will also become the hotspot of contemporary performance arts in Europe. We present SPOTLIGHT: USA A Platform of American Dance or in other words a vibrant program of salsa, hip-hop, modern ballet and experimental dance, along with dance workshops for professionals and students interested in this compelling art.

Under the limelight at Boris Hristov House of Culture and Drama Theatre Plovdiv will be the most interesting and aspiring choreographers and dance collectives from the other side of the Atlantic. Not only the Bulgarian audience but a lot of international guests from over 30 countries, e.g. theatre, festival and cultural institutes’ directors from Europe, Asia and Latin America visiting Plovdiv exclusively for the event, will get acquainted with the variety of styles and causes of the performers.

The highlight in the program are the 3 evening shows in Boris Hristov House of Culture. The official opening on March 26 is at 8 pm with AGUA FURIOSA of the LA-based company CONTRA-TIEMPO. Their salsa and hip-hop influenced performance is dedicated to natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and also human cruelty.

On the next day, March 27, at the same time and place we will be able to witness the exciting INDUSTRIAL BALLET from Seattle which promises to load us with youthful energy and rebellious spirit. A live concert and modern ballet all in one, the remarkable production of the choreographer Kate Wallich is widely critically acclaimed and is not to be missed.

On March 28 the program ends with PRINCIPLES OF UNCERTAINTY drawn from the historical vicissitudes, the absurdity of life and the surprises of death, but mostly from the wit of the painter Maira Kalman and the overpowering choreography of John Heginbotham.

This New York show explores our existence but in an unexpected and curious manner.

On the main stage of Drama Theatre Plovdiv on 3 consecutive days at 5 pm three shows will be presented – six women of different ages will overthrow the mass standards for the woman’s body in SENSATION/DISORIENTATION (March 26); three dancers will become the CUSTODIANS OF BEAUTY (March 27); and in the end the choreographer Christine Bonansea will interpret the freedom to act irrationally according to Nietzsche in ONLYHUMAN (March 28).

The chamber stage of the Drama Theater will present the duo with the show THE BACKYARD created in cooperation with the choreographer Steve Paxton on March 26 at 3:30 pm. On the next day, Tuesday, the same stage will host a personal fairytale narrated with impressive visual effects and costumes in SKELETON FLOWER again at 3:30 pm.

The front of Boris Hristov House of Culture will become a natural auditorium where the people of the city and the guests will witness OTHER MYTHS of Jonah Bokaer. This show can be seen free of charge and can be seen 3 times – Sunday (March 25) at 4 pm, Monday (March 26) and Wednesday (March 28) at 1 pm. Welcome!

The full program can be found here.

All professional and amateur dancers can visit the two dance workshops on Sunday, March 25, at Dance Station (House of Culture, 4th floor). They will be led by two ladies – Tahni Holt, who will present improvisation techniques, and the young Kate Wallich, who will make even the shyest participants dance.

Tickets for all shows can be bought online at or at the EasyPay offices. The price is BGN 12 on presale and BGN 15 at the door. We highly recommend purchasing your ticket in advance as seating is limited.

SPOTLIGHT: USA A Platform of American Dance is organized by American Dance Abroad and ONE DANCE WEEK in partnership with Plovdiv Municipality and is conducted in support of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019. The biggest supporter of the project is America for Bulgaria foundation. The organizers would also like to express their gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, the U.S. Embassy Sofia, the Trust for Mutual Understanding and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.  



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