Moments from the last School of Spectacle in Limerick

School of Spectacle is a free intensive outdoor arts training school for local and international creative practitioners. The school delivers training designed to build skills that creatives need for making outdoor events and civic celebrations. 

After the last-year edition in Plovdiv /between 1st and 10th of October 2017/, this year Limerick hosted the School of Spectacle. It included artists from Bulgaria, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece, and Lithuania and took place between 11th March 2018 and 18th March 2018 in the Irish Aerial Creation Centre in Limerick.

The school delivers core training in outdoor arts production for procession and co-creating with the community, alongside practical making techniques for 3D processional elements, props/costume and animating procession through movement and aerial. Throughout the week they put the theory into practice, by working collaboratively to deliver elements for a real parade, at Limericks St Patrick’s Day parade on 17th March 2018 where our artists participated as well. 

Partners and organizers involved with the School of Spectacles were invited by Walk The Plank to attend the last SoS in Limerick, Ireland this past weekend. Representatives of the cultural capitals which have previously hosted a School of Spectacle came to attend the final meeting, including Pafos 2017, Kaunas 2022 and of course, Plovdiv 2019. Our representative was Alexandra Dimitrova - expert international relations. At the meeting, they discussed the evaluation and legacy of the schools in each respective city.  As part of the final event for the last SoS in Limerick, the participants had their own section in the official St. Patrick's Day parade, along with partners Fidget Feet Arial Dance Group and Northside Misfits Community Drama Group.

The training is made possible through the kind support of Creative Europe; SNF, Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 Foundation and all the partners.

All photos in the gallery are part of our personal archive or courtesy of Liz Pugh, Naomi Parker and Walk the Plank. 



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