Aarhus 2017 and Liverpool 2008 presented their experience to the tourism industry in Plovdiv

"Every one of the citizens of Plovdiv is an ambassador of the city," the lecturers said during the tourist meeting held yesterday. The second of the series of tourism focused forums was aimed at acquainting and helping prepare the tourism industry for one of the largest cultural events in Europe. It was opened with welcoming speeches by the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism Alexander Darjikov and the Executive Director of the Foundation Kiril Velchev. Radost Ivanova - Marketing Director of the Foundation, and guest representatives of Aarhus - European Capital of Culture 2017 - Kristian Thrane, and Liverpool - European Capital of Culture 2008 - Neil Peterson presented for nearly 60 guests.

Together they shared successful practices and data from their work prior and during the year of the title. Also, in the Danish city of Aarhus, for example, international visitors have increased by 16 %. The events during the project were concentrated not only in the city but also throughout the Danish central region.

Liverpool also enjoyed tremendous interest from foreign tourists during and after the year of his title. The tourism share has risen from 2% to 15%, which has led to 27,000 new job openings, and the city has become the 5th most visited one in the UK with 80 million pound revenue growth.

For its part, the Foundation's marketing director, Radost Ivanova, revealed a few more details about the upcoming events and expectations in 2018 and 2019 - numerous festivals, international exhibitions and a number of other diverse events are being prepared. Every one of the three lecturers shared the same message, namely that for the successful realization of the largest cultural event in Europe we need to prepare and work together. This was also confirmed by the guests at the forum and during the special training afterwards.

By the end of 2018, our team intends to complete the series of initiatives that attract the industry to the cause, popularizing the region and Bulgaria and preparing the industry for the largest cultural event in Europe, with more events. The next event will be in a little more than a month. Expect more information.

Earlier in the day, at a press conference for the tourism meeting, the foundation announced its second official partner after the Kriwicki and CO - Holiday Inn Plovdiv. It was in one of the conference rooms of the hotel where the second tourism forum was organized by the foundation. At the press conference "Plovdiv 2019" announced the official date of its opening event - January 12th. The opening event date is extremely important for the tourism sector, with an expected number of over 80 000 people as visitors for the occasion. Events will last for three days - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - from January 11th until January 13th. The culmination will be the 12th when Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 will be officially opened.



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