International artists are coming to work in Plovdiv since April - during the First Session of the ADATA AiR residency programme 

Since mid-April start the first creative residencies within the ADATA AiR programme, produced by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation in partnership with Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and the Polish Institute in Sofia. At the end of the last year, an invitation was announced calling for artists to join the project by working in Plovdiv for a while, creating artworks especially for the public spaces by the river banks, the river island Adata, and other urban spots, related to the programme of the European title. Despite the short terms, this opportunity for a residency stay in Plovdiv received a very strong positive response and a total of 320 artists from all over the world sent their portfolios and initial ideas to the Foundation within one month. A selection of 37 artists from Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal and other countries were chosen to come and work in Plovdiv during the upcoming spring-summer months. Each artist or creative team will stay in the city in a different period - from two weeks to two months. At that time, they will have the task of developing projects for installations, sculptures, performances and all sorts of interventions in the public space to turn the river area and other forgotten urban spaces into a large outdoor gallery in 2019. The ADATA AiR program is one of the main highlights of the Plovdiv programme for 2019. The artists' participation and their work on site will create additional opportunities for engagement of locals and interactions between them, while also significantly support the diversification of the cultural climate in the city, which is one of the main objectives of the initiative. The new premises of the Foundation in the Tobacco City - SKLAD - are also planned to be the main meeting place for the international guests, providing shared studios for them within the building and venue for public presentations of their work.

The jury, who selected the first to be artists-in-residence among the large number of applicants, includes the directors of Goethe-Institut in Bulgaria - Mr. Enzio Wetzel, and of the Polish Institue in Sofia - Mr. Jaroslav Godun, the artistic director of "Plovdiv 2019"- Ms. Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva and the independent experts arch. Valeri Gyurov, Ms. Vera Mlechevska, art historian and Mr. Yovo Panchev, critic and curator. Leading in their decision was the concept of ensuring a maximum presence of art in the public spaces of the city, also of art that interacts with the citizens, as well as that of adequate development of the assets of Plovdiv. The residents were therefore selected on the basis of their previous experience in relation to that, and on the proposed concepts they would like to develop in Plovdiv as part of the dynamic programme in 2019. 

After the announcement of the results of the First Session, an Open Call for the Second Session of ADATA AiR programme will be announced - allowing the opportunity for residency stays in Plovdiv during the second half of 2018.

The working process and all public events of the artists during their residency stay in Plovdiv will be presented at the newly created especially for that goal Facebook page

List of the selected artists-in-residence,

who will work in Plovdiv during the First Session of the programme: 

Kamila Szejnoch (Poland)
Andrea Kalinova и Martin Zaicek (Slovakia)
Olivier Vadrot, Olivier Lacrouts and Laura Drouet (France and Italy)
Kopacz Kund 
Mila Panic (Bosna and Herzegovina / based in Germany)
Mila Chorbadzhieva и Adriaan de Man (Bulgaria and the Netherlands)  
Ana Brotas (Portugal)
Sophie Innmann и Stephan Wäldele (Germany)
Matthias Garff (Germany)
Sho Hasegawa и Mitko Mitkov (Bulgaria and Japan /based in Germany)
Jan Zdvořák (The Cheque Republic)
Ari-Pekka Leinonen & Bert Jacobs (Finland)
Marta Jarabo (Spain)
Klaas Burger  (the Netherlands)  
Tony Stallard (The UK)
Yana Lozeva (Bulgaria)
Alin Tanasa (Romania)
Nina Jørgensen (Belgium)
Nicolae Velciov (Romania)
Destructive Creation (Bulgaria)
ATOM theater (Bulgaria)
Alex Head in collaboration with Sybella Perry, Markus Stein, Gabriel Birch, Anna Kostreva, Nathan Gray (based in Germany)



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