HUMANITY IN ME is the theme of the 11th edition of ONE DANCE WEEK in 2018, from September 21 to October 14. The festival presents outstanding artists. A special Lithuanian focus of 3 shows will meet with the modern face of Lithuania. The youngest generation of artists will be featured in the "Young Choreographers".

One of the most famous choreographers, the author of the spectacular ceremonies at Olympic stadiums in Athens and Baku - Dimitris Papaioannou *, became part of ONE DANCE WEEK. Dimitris Papaioannou arrives for the first time in Bulgaria with the show "The Great Tamer" - on September 28 and 29 at the Boris Hristov House of Culture. From 19:30, he will show the surreal magic that the whole world talks about.

The spectacle looks at human life as a journey to hidden treasures, the discovery of the intimate and the real, leaving pure taboos for death and body purely naked. Scenography, typically in the style of Papaioannou, is a magical delight for the senses - the floor planes form waves, open unexpected entrances, come to life on Rembrandt's paintings ...

Do not miss one of the most spectacular cultural events of the year!



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