Yet another event from the Special French Focus edition starts in Kapana - 26th May - 9 pm - Post culture stage
Audiovisual performance by Mikhail Goleminov (life electronics, video, author's genre software)

Electronic, musique électroacoustique and musique concrète are a typically French phenomenon inspired by Futurism, whose father is considered to be Pierre Henry. The exceptional composer passed away quite recently, and this is another reason for him to be honoured with a sound monument inspired by the spiritual heritage he left.

The scheduled performance has the potential to make the Bulgarian audience acquainted with an unfamiliar aspect of the French-speaking music avant-garde from the middle and the second half of the twentieth century.

The project sheds light on the personality, creative work and impulses to the future of music, in the context of the phenomenon Pierre Henri - a French composer who created and affirmed the notion musique électroacoustique and musique concrète. Today, these definitions are often used, but few are familiar with the roots of this music, which are in the Club d'Essai - the studio of the French Radio and Television in Paris.

The performance is in the form of an audiovisual collage with works by Pierre Henry, a combination of visualization and generative audio environment, created in real time by a computer programme, specially designed by Mihail Goleminov as well as through the use of virtual instruments.

Doors: 20:00
Begin: 21:00
Entrance fee: 5 bgn
Check details here: events/832133373640680



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