“Know-How Show-How – An International Academy for Creative Thinking and Design Processes”, a project by the Know-How Foundation, explores the role of design and art as a means of cultural and social transformation. The project will take place in the summers of 2018 and 2019 and will place an emphasis on topical subjects that relate to the identity of locations and their resources.

The project will feature a series of educational and cultural programmes based on exploration and training, and involving young artists (designers, artists, architects and engineers), international experts, local artisans and industries. The programmes will include seminars, fieldwork, meetings of experts, workshops, presentations, exhibitions, film screenings and performances.

From the Kyuchuk to Paris (2-7 July 2018)

This year’s edition will take place under the rubric “From the Kyuchuk to Paris”, a collaborative study in search of a more harmonious, social and ecological environment for the community. The main location will be the Trakia – Plovdiv – 2008 community centre, in Plovdiv's Kyuchuk Paris quarter.

On the programme’s agenda are on-site talks with producers and residents of Kyuchuk Paris. Data and stories will be collected relating to their skills and knowledge about the machines and materials they use. Attention will be directed to untapped residual materials from production processes. The collected information will be the starting point in the development of new design solutions – starting with a front door sign for the community centre crafted out of waste-material sourced from a nearby workshop, an information transmission device, flexible furniture, or a decorative wall.

The workshop will be led by the Dutch spatial designer and architect Elmo Vermjas and product designers from the Bulgarian Tuhla Studio: Rostislav Dimitrov, Vladimir Kirchev and Zahari Radev.

In 2019
A discussion forum and the implementation of projects set up during and after the 2018 workshop will take place, again at the Trakiya – Plovdiv – 2008 community centre. These projects will make up a portion of the space’s context and will be integrated into its infrastructure as actual examples of the capabilities that the conducted study and the power of design have generated.

The new edition in 2019 will be under the motto Found in Kyuchuka.

For more information about the project and related activities, visit 2018.knowhowshowhow.org and www.facebook.com/knowhowshowhow.



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