Multi Kulti Kitchen Sets Foot in Plovdiv With a Rich Enthicities-Focused Programme

An Ukrainian artist will be showing how to cut paper under the vitinanka method

The Multi Kulti Kitchen project is coming to Plovdiv in June as part of the programme of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019. “Heal the World”, an art laboratory for children, will take place in the Otsreshta space at 12 Beethoven Str on 16 June (11 am), and introduce participants to the Ukrainian vitinanka art. The event is most suitable for children aged 10 or upwards. Admission free after registration.

The event’s demonstrations will be conducted by the talented Ukrainian artist Anna Demyanchuk, an interior designer living in Plovdiv. Vitinanka is Ms Demyanchuk’s chief technique. The word, which means “cut from paper”, is of Ukrainian origin. In the past, various shapes – flowers, animals, tales characters – used to be cut from thin paper folded several times over. The cuttings were then used for the adornment of shelves, ceilings, walls, windows, among other applications. Modern-day paper-cut objects carry artistic interpretations and are featured in exhibitions and set designs, among a bevy of applications; they are used also to ornament the interiors of public buildings and in the printing industry.

The “Heal the World” international workshops are some of the events that accompany the Multi Kulti Kitchen project, which seeks to make young people familiar with the traditions and cultures of peoples from around the world.

On 22 June (7:30 to 10 pm) the India restaurant will host an event dedicated to Indian cuisine and culture. The restaurant is also the first on a map that will be worked out to show the locations in Plovdiv and the Plovdiv area which present the cuisine and culture of various ethnicities.

Two more Multi Kulti Kitchen events will take place in 2018, both dedicated to Italian cuisine and culture – the first will be in Pazardzhik in October; the second in Plovdiv in November.

The Multi Kulti Kitchen project is a series of events, informal meetings and initiatives that feature the active participation of the expat community. The events are taking place in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik throughout 2018 and 2019.

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