The Project, "Baba’s Show-How: Ways and Threads Connecting Generations and Regions" of Ideas Factory Association - cultivates tolerance and solidarity among different age and ethnic groups and forms a cultural exchange system between Plovdiv and small settlements in the region. As a continuation of 3 editions of the Baba Residence, the project connects city youths with elderly hosts from villages in Karlovo municipality for a 1-month exchange.

Baba Residence (6 Sept – 1 Oct 2018)

This year’s edition of the Baba Residence village household festival will take place from 6 September to 1 October 2018. Young people will enter local households to help around the house and start their own social entrepreneurship ideas aimed to benefit the village. The theme of the festival will be the search for pragmatic solutions to how to turn villages into places that attract young people in a way that enables them to integrate the local culture and help the elderly. The participants will be seeking an answer to the question of how villages need to grow their potentials and not fall behind city-developed technological and cultural innovations.

All participants will receive training in design thinking, system thinking, fieldwork with local communities and analysis of their needs. They will also be acquiring skills for, among other things, documenting folklore knowledge (helped by partners from the Ongal Association for Anthropology, Ethnology and Folklore Studies) and taking up social entrepreneurship.

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Meetings presenting information about upcoming residences and accounts of the three previous editions of the initiative – insights, disappointments and successful social entrepreneurship projects - will take place at the Otsreshta Bar in Plovdiv on 4 July 2018 (6 pm) – "Sеdyanka in Plovdiv". "Sedyanka in Sofia with Baba Residence"  will take place in 13 July 2018 in the King Boris Garden (6:30 pm).



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