As part of the training of children from different Plovdiv communities and in an effort to invite them to the theatrical performance "Medea" in the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv in June 2019, the project team has developed a combination of hand-clapping and ancient Greek theatre terminology. The mastering of this "Clapping Game" has proved to be very inspiring for children, actors and the project's creative team. Children's participation in the performance of the tragedy "Medea" by Euripides also will be developed on the basis of this combination.

"The Clapping Game" has also given rise to a social media campaign to support theatre education for children. The organisers challenge children, parents, grandparents, acquaintances and strangers to learn the game, play it together and thus declare their support for the use of theatre education for children. Theatre education happens all the time and in different forms but it would be wonderful to have it someday as a course option in the school curriculum.

The campaign starts on 20 July 2018 and will continue until 1 June 2019.

The game - called clipclapmedea - is now across social networks. It is accompanied by a video tutorial by Snezhina Petrova – the actress who will play Medea – meant to assist the learning of the game. Apart from enjoying the game interaction, the participants will also be able to improve their coordination skills, learn ancient Greek theatre terms and help the idea to reach a wider audience..

Make videos and publish them on Facebook with #clipclapmedea.

The participants with the most liked videos will receive as a gift t-shirts with the project logo, created by the artist Damyan Damyanov.

Those who succeed in motivating and training more than 20 people to play the game #clipclapmedea, and then send their videos as described above, will each receive a free ticket for the June 2019 performance of "Medea" at the Ancient Theatre.

Terminology for #clipclapmedea:

TRAGOS (tragedy), KOMOS (comedy), DITHYRAMB (songs honouring Dionysus), AGON (a dramaturgical contest), PROAGON (pre premiere), AMPHITHEATRE, ORCHESTRA (a place for the actors and the choir), CORYPHEUS (the conductor or leader of the choir in ancient tragedy), SKENE (tent, hut), CHOIR, CORYPHEUS (the leader of the choir)

The Clapping Game has also inspired one more project part of the programme of Plovdiv 2019 - please see the artistic action of Hannah Rose in the Art Innovation Challenge initiative of Ideas Factory.

Find more about "Medea" at Medea project.



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