Wine with a special label with the logo of “Plovdiv2019” offers the newest partner of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture - Villa Yustina Winery. The company released the new crop of white, rose and red wines from the series “Villa Yustina” with the sign of European Capital of Culture, which promotes Plovdiv to Bulgarian and foreign clients.

Тhe first wines with a co-branded label which the wine cellar spreads in restaurants specialized wine shops amount to almost 40,000 bottles. А sum of every bottle of wine sold will support the realization of the events and projects part of the programme. Villla Yustina is planning a long-term support also after the end of the project.

The coupage wines from the same series are produced from their own vineyards and will promote Plovdiv on international wine exhibitions in countries like Austria, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, China, Taiwan, Canada and the United States. In this way wine lovers from these countries, as well as all Bulgarian cities, will be able to be involved  and support Plovdiv 2019. Besides supporting the European Capital of Culture, the wines of this series also bring additional prestige for Bulgaria as a wine destination, winning a number of gold and silver medals from the most prestigious competitions in the world: MundusVini - Germany; SMV - Canada Decanter - UK and others.

This partnership is extremely important for “Plovdiv 2019” Foundation, because the history of Plovdiv and the region is inextricably connected with wine, which is an inseparable part of the culture of mankind. The active inclusion of business from the region in Bulgaria's largest cultural project is one of the main goals of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation. Promoting public-private partnerships involving companies from different spheres and industries is a significant part of the successful implementation of the project for each city that has received the prestigious title. Partnerships include not only common products and limited product series with the logo of the project, but also joint marketing campaigns and events. Villa Yustina Winery is a traditional partner and host of events from the cultural calendar of the city. The company organizes annually own cultural events in the wine cellar region, which is located 25 km. from the city of Plovdiv.



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