Social Change Challenge 2018 – the idea of HOPE for helping educationally disadvantaged children

The series continues of vigorous activities of young people set to finding sustainable, innovative and creative solutions to social problems in Social Change Challenge 2018, part of the Social Innovations Incubator.
HOPE, one of the teams, has shared a video in which team members seek financial support for the realization of their idea for improving school conditions for children with special educational needs.

HOPE's idea as presented in Plovdiv:

Description: Traditional classroom environment lacks the level of inclusion that children with learning problems or disabilities need. It prevents these children from receiving the same level of education as the rest of the kids. There is no possibility for arranging the necessary number of individual teaching sessions, which hired resource teachers are unable to fully cover. Schools either ban or are unable to accommodate the presence in classrooms of assistant teachers, who would work together with children with physical or educational learning difficulties.
Mission: To improve Plovdiv schools so that traditional teachers be better motivated and sufficiently equipped for working with children with special educational needs. To help resource teachers achieve greater benefit to children's learning.

The Social Innovations Incubator project is made possible by Ideas Factory. Social Change Challenge is part of a string of initiatives within the project. It seeks to build capacity and sustainable creative communities of young people.



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