An interactive light and sound installation can be seen on Saturday 29.09. from 20:00 to 24:00 in the Chinarena forest /The Plane Forest/ of the village of Belashtitsa as part of the programme of Plovdiv- European Capital of Culture 2019. The Project "STEBLA" / STEMS is initiated by the formation SenseLab in partnership with the community center and the mayor of the village of Belashtitsa.

The installation was created specifically to highlight the uniqueness of the natural phenomenon of the forest itself. There can be found hundreds of years old trees and lots of legends about their origin. Once their trunks were massive and thick but caused to unknown obstacles they were completely logged. Miraculously, the forest is self-reviving and many new stems are growing from the ashes of the old trunks. Their branches create extremely beautiful natural forms with a height of 50 meters. A mixture of controlled lighting fixtures and a special sound environment will create an abstract landscape of mystical shadows of the imagination.

Anyone who wants to visit The Chinarena Forest/The Plane Forest/ on Saturday night has the opportunity to use free transport by bus provided by the Regional Administration of Plovdiv, which departs at 19:00 from the parking lot of Hotel Trimontium - Ramada to the village of Belashtitsa. The last bus to Plovdiv will be at 22:00. The bus will be marked with a sign of Plovdiv 2019, and the number of seats is 45.

You can find the event on Facebook HERE.



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