From today onward, artists from Poland, Croatia and Cairo will move to Plovdiv and work with the Ideas Factory Association. This is the third initiative of the Incubator for Social Innovations for 2018 project and it aims to create a creative urban environment by revealing the city's potential and involving new active participants. From October 25 to November 14, a photographer, a sculptor and an artist will explore key locations in the city. Artists are united by the idea of equal access of citizens to culture and the search for new ways of using public spaces in the urban environment. They apply their artistic experience to socially engaged activities and are involved in multidisciplinary group projects in Plovdiv. Each of them will focus on a specific topic and/or location related to Plovdiv. Their aim is to provide artistic insight into the city's current problems.

They will present their observations and works on November 12 at SKLAD in The Tobacco City.

The project is implemented in partnership with the international Tandem Europe Network.



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