“We Are All Colors”, this is the theme for the spectacular opening show of Plovdiv -European Capital of Culture, taking place right in the center of Plovdiv on 12th of January. Under the artistic direction of “Phase 7” and its founder Sven Soren Beyer, the concept of “We Are All Colors” is translated into a large scale public life experience. ”At first, I was a tourist in Plovdiv, but after all the time I’ve spent here, I feel like I am part of the town” said Beyer at today’s press conference, organized by Plovdiv 2019.

Highlight of the event is the stunning 30 meters high media tower used in the surrounding 360 degrees way of staging. The stage has 6 levels, but only 5 of them will be used due to safety reasons. The weight of stage including participants is 200 tons. The stage parameters meet all safety requirements and satisfied the relevant authorities. The sage is extended with 2 podiums, 100 meters long each, 3 meters high and 4 meters wide. 360 degrees displays will be situated on the stage and extra multimedia effects will be situated on the podiums. The tower has the capacity to carry 1500 people at the same time and  provides a good view on all the spectators despite of their location. This technically complex construction is a one-of-a kind set up and is created especially for the Opening ceremony of Plovdiv 2019. The blockade of the two main boulevards - “Tsar Boris III Obedinitel” and “Maria Luiza” will transform the city center into an open to everyone festive place, where Plovdiv expects more than 60 000 people for the celebration.

Joker Media Rental will provide the technical control of the stage. The tower stage will be transformed into a light symbol with more than 350 lights. 200 people and 20 lorries with equipment will erect the stage.

The conceptual starting point of the show is DIVERSITY of Plovdiv, a city with 8 000 years of heritage and a melting pot of many diverging cultures and influences.

DIVERSITY and “We Are All Colors “ are the key messages to the opening show, combined with the motto “Together”. The show consists of several thematic platforms and it combines traditional Bulgarian performing arts and international contemporary show acts at the edge of futuristic show technology. The show will start with the performance of Theodosii Spasov. His performance will send a message about the bond between old and modern. He is writing a new song especially for the Opening of Plovdiv-European Capital of Culture. More than 200 kukeri from Plovdiv and the region will take part in “We Are All Colors” show. In beginning of the year, they will scare off all evil spirits from the city. 22 young actors from National high school of stage and film design of Plovdiv have already started their rehearsals for the show. Their schoolmates, who study make up art, will be responsible for the screen  of all participants in the show.

The significant Bulgarian folklore ensemble “Trakia” will surprise the audience with special made choreography in an unusual modern vision.

The director Hristo Namliev prepares a segment with 200 choir singers from different formations from town, conducted by Dian Chobanov accompanied with 20 gayda musicians from Bulgarian National Gayda Assosiation. Academy of music, dance and fine art in Plovdiv will surprise the audience with a laser harp performance,.

1000 citizens of Plovdiv showed their will to participate in the opening show by an online campagne of Plovdiv 2019 and arranged meetings with coordinators. They will go on the stage to send the message of the city of the hills – TOGETHER. 150 children of Sport school “Vasil Levski “will also help organizing the event. They are representatives of different sports club in different sports such as basketball, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, volleyball, rowing, judo, canoeing, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, shooting and swimming.

‘We Are All Colors show” will end with a breath-taking fireworks show and performance of Valya Balkanska and gayda player Petyr Yanev. The German DJ Schiller starts his Europe tour from Plovdiv with a few hours long set after the show.

Artistic director of the show is Sven Sören Beyer, technical director is Steffen Fuchs. Show Director is Peter Bricks. Light designer is Bjorn Hermann and video effects designer is Frieder Weiss. Visual designers are Hajo Rehm and Daniel Bandke. Director of the spectacle is Peter Bricks. Composer is Hristo Namliev, music supervisors are Christian Steinhaser and Max Trieder. Stage director spoken theatre is Gustav Rueb (Rüb?). Choreography by Lydia Klement and costume designer is Pedro Richer.

The show starts at 7 pm., but organizers advice the audience to be in the city centre a few hours in advance and to travel by public transport to avoid traffic jams.

Save the date, January 12th, 2019!



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