Ancient Theatre

This is one of the best preserved ancient theaters in the world. Built at the end of 1st – the beginning of 2nd century under Emperor Trayan, the theater was one of the major public buildings of the ancient Philippopolis. It is situated on the southern slope of Three-hills in the saddle between Dzhambaz tepe …more


Ancient city

Ancient Plovdiv Architectural and Historical Reserve   Ancient Plovdiv Architectural and Historical Reserve (The Old Town) is located in the Central part of the city of Plovdiv on the Three Hills (Nebet Tepe, Taksim Tepe and Dzhambaz Tepe) and covers an area of about 35 ha. It was formed due to the continuous life over the …more


Roman Stadium

The Stadium of Philippopolis was built in the beginning of 2nd century AD during the reign Emperor Hadrian. It is situated in the Northern part of the fortified city surrounded by defence walls, in the natural terrain between Taksim Tepe and Sahat Tepe. The facility, approximately 240 meters long and 50 meters wide, could seat …more


House of Culture “Boris Hristov”

The city hall which has been renovated after a fundamental repair is a multifunctional institution for cultural and educational activities, unique in structure and significance in Plovdiv. Previously famous as the Syndical House, the cultural center has been named after the popular opera singer Boris Hristov. The building offers an Audience Hall, two multifunctional conference …more

House of Culture

Small Basilica of Philippopolis

The Small Basilica of Philippopolis is one of Plovdiv’s most distinctive landmarks. The basilica is located on Maria Louisa Blvd in the central part of the city. The ruins of the early Christian church were found during construction works in the area in 1988. The three-nave basilica is an example of the exceptional skill of …more