The Plovdiv 2019 Foundation opens a crisis fund to support independent Plovdiv artists

Independent Plovdiv artists can apply for a one-time grant of BGN 1,000 to cover their basic expenses and needs

In connection with the state of emergency and the crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic, Plovdiv 2019 Foundation in cooperation with the Plovdiv Municipality's Culture Department announces a Crisis Fund to support independent Plovdivian artists. Independent Plovdiv artists from all fields can apply for a one-time grant of BGN 1,000 to cover their basic expenses and needs in the months of emergency.

You can download the Fund's terms and conditions from HERE /available only in Bulgarian Language/. 

Applicants can apply through email: or apply personally with paper submission at the Foundation's address at 2 Raiko Daskalov Str., Floor 2 еvery working day from 09.30 to 17.00 h. till 30 April 2021

Ask your question at:

The committee that will evaluate the applications, once the regulations are approved and the submissions are open would comprise of 7 people, including one lawyer, accountant /two from January 2021/ and one representative from the Culture Department. The chairman will be Emilia Arabadzhieva - long-time director of the NGEEI, artist and public figure; Valeri Kyorlenski from the Plovdiv Drama Theatre /till January 2021/, actor and administrator with experience, Stoyan Terziev - poet, writer, a longtime journalist at Radio Plovdiv with Culture department and Nelly Popova-Koeva - director of Dobrin Petkov National Library of Music.

More details, you can hear and read in the interview of the Artistic Director 2019 - Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva given for BNR - here in Bulgarian language.

Ask your question at

The results are announced on a regular basis on the Bulgarian page of the Fund: here



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