Ayliak City

The keywords that define the "cluster" are slow, sustainable, and harmonious development for the city.


Introduces Plovdiv’s rich traditional musical cultures to a European audience.

Animate the City

The cluster aims at expanding the overall vision of sports beyond the traditional one-sided perception of it as just mechanical exercise.

Relax - Programme platform of Plovdiv 2019

Relax is a platform that has three clusters in it - EUrytmica, Animate The City, Ayliak City, and promotes sustainable living, Slow life, Slow food and Degrowth. It aims to popularize the “green”, eco, bio-life through green technologies and products. It includes also the interaction between creative and sports activities, giving a meaning of the free time and practices to harmonize and slow down live. Music as a communication tool and the most accessible art also falls within this platform.

Soon we will publish here the full list of projects included in the platform. Stay Tuned!


General partners


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