'The Faces of Plovdiv' - a luxury album to enrich the photo collection of Sonya Stankova, created in support of Plovdiv's candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2019, with data and images for all sites and to preserve part of the city's history as an irreplaceable and valuable archival treasure.

The premiere of the album 'The Faces of Plovdiv' will be held on 10.06.2022 at Trakart Cultural Centre!

'In its current form, with its volume and organization, the produced photo material is an ambitious attempt for a reliable representation of Plovdiv with the help of the people who inhabit its spaces on an everyday basis. Captured in the lens, in their multiplicity, these people acquire additional meaning inherent for this particular historical moment, able to summarize the idea of ​​the city as it is at that moment'. (Kleo Protohristova)

'Every person already carries a part of the past - one's own and of the city to which one belongs. They are a continuity, they are the puzzle of the photo archive of the people of Plovdiv from those years." (Nikola Lautliev)

The material is presented in two sections - Texts and Photos. The authors of the texts are Kleo Protohristova, Nikola Lautliev and Sonya Stankova. The thematic highlights are: Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture; The persons and places of Plovdiv; With myself and the others.

The photographic material includes over 500 photos according to the locations where they were taken - the Main pedestrian street, The Dzhumaya square, Old Plovdiv, Kapana and other artistic sites in the city.

The album has a modern and refined design, with over 500 photographs, full-colour blend, chrome paper 135 g / sq.m, format 210x250 mm, with a circulation of 600 pcs. and will be publicly available after March 2022.

The project is sustainable and in development:

⬥ Sonya Stankova's photo collection of over 500 portraits of Plovdiv residents was presented as part of the Plovdiv 2019 programme at the official opening "We are all colors" - Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.

⬥ In 2020, Letera Publishing House created an electronic version of The Faces of Plovdiv together with K. Protohristova, N. Lautliev, S. Stankova and designers Al. Gyoshev and V. Kirov, published on the Facebook page of the publishing house, funded by the Municipality of Plovdiv under Component 4 "Works of Plovdiv writers and important publications for the city".

⬥ As a sustainable continuation and upgrade of the project, the prepared luxury album is enriched with additional texts and photographs and organized according to the requirements of modern design.

Project idea of ​​Letera Publishing House, part of the LEGACY programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture.GACY

'The Faces of Plovdiv' | Premiere 10.06.2022

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