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Psychological theatre, based on popular tales, and individual interpretation of cultural heritage in a contemporary context - are the high points of "The Tale Inside Me". The project consists of two initiatives aimed at children, young people and everybody with an interest in art.

Eight theatre workshops

Under the first initiative, eight theatre workshops will take place at four locations in 2019 – three in Plovdiv (at the Olga Skobeleva Centre for Social Services on 9 and 16 February at 10.00; the Academy for Music, Dance and Fine Arts on 19 and 26 February at 17.00; and the U P.А.R.К. Gallery on 9 and 16 February at 15.00) and one at Sofia University (on 20 and 27 February at 17.00). The programmes include performances of scripts based on a specific tale. The participants become actors and make their own decisions as to which role to take and when in the course of the plot’s development to enter the action.

Rerolling. The Tale - Me (21 – 24 April 2019)

The second initiative includes the creation and presentation from 21st to 24th April 2019 (start: 19.00 every day, at the Ancient Bath) of the theatre spectacle Rerolling. The Tale - Me based on “Hop-o'-My-Thumb” by Charles Perrault, but with a radically different take. The action follows two parallel storylines: one fairy and one contemporary. A modern-day protagonist takes both the spectators and himself into his own world and then into the familiar world of the tale, ultimately realizing that all characters, locations and events in the tale are no more than elements of his own personality.

A project by the cultural events production company 22:22 Ltd.

The Tale Inside Me (Theatre Workshop on 9 February 2019)

Programme Revive

The Tale Inside Me (Workshop on 16 February 2019)

Programme Revive

Деца и възрастни търсят поуките от приказките чрез театрални работилници



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