Week of Contemporary Art

‘Week of Contemporary Art’ is an extensive international exhibition project with more than 20 years of history in Plovdiv and content of the highest quality.

Week of Contemporary Art 2019. Art. No Borders. Plovdiv. 

When: 1 – 30 September. Where: Ancient Bath Center for Contemporary Art and SKLAD at 16 Ekzarh Yosif Str. Opening Hours: 1pm – 6.30pm, Tuesday – Sunday. Free entry!

This exhibition will mark the 25th Anniversary of the Week of Contemporary Art. Curated by: Ilina Koralova and Emil Mirazchiev.

Artists: Bill Viola, Nadia Genova, 7+1 Group (Yohannes Artinyan, Pantcho Kurtev, Ilko Nikolchev, Kamen Tsvetkov), Stoyan Dechev, Sevdalina Kochevska, Taus Makhacheva, Emil Mirazchiev, Benedikt Partenheimer, Nia Pushkarova, Delphine Reist, Ute Richter, Julian Rosefeldt, scenocosme, FAMED, Mariko Hori, Venelin Shurelov.

Premiere in Bulgaria: KUSAMA: INFINITY, 2018, directed by Heather Lenz.

Week of Contemporary Art 2018. Metaphorai. Narration-Created Humanity

The project’s 2018 edition is titled “Metaphorai. Narration-Created Humanity”, and will take place at the Ancient Bath contemporary art complex between 14 September and 14 October. The edition’s curators will be Katya Angelova and Alessandra Poggianti. The title, “Metaphorai.”, corresponds to the Greek word for public transport vehicles: "You take a metaphor – a bus or a train – to go to work or get back home. Stories can carry this noble name too: Everyday stories that cross and organise locations; they pick out the locations and link them; they then create sentences and routes out of them".* The exhibition explores the city as a collection of possible stories, and also as a blank sheet of paper that welcomes a story each time somebody is looking at it or is pacing around it in a different manner.
In November 2018 an art instalation will take place in Plovdiv’s central area in the Kapana Creative district as part of the project. The instalation, by Alberto Garutti, will be titled "To Those Born Today (1998– )" and is still active throughout the 2019.

Week of Contemporary Art 2017. Migrations of Fear

The 23rd edition of the "Week of Contemporary Art" in Plovdiv was held under the rubric “Migrations of Fear”. The project, which took place at the Ancient Bath art complex between 7 and 27 September 2017, focused on the fears of contemporary Europe; the curators, Ilina Koralova and Boris Kostadinov, addressed the questions, anxieties and threats that have been occupying people’s minds in the wake of the latest refugee crisis. They invited notable names of the contemporary art scene: Azra Aksamija, Nika Autor, Boryana Ventsislavova, Mladen Penev, Clara Wildberger, Petya Dimitrova, Emil Mirazchiev, Alban Muja, Oliver Ressler, Kamen Stoyanov, Ute Richter, Fanni Futterknecht, and Lana Čmajčanin.

*Michel de Certeau, “Spatial Stories,” in The Practice of Every Day Life [Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984], 115.

 Learn more about the Art Today Association and their project - www.arttoday.org.

To Those Born Today

Programme Revive, Transform
Art Installation by Alberto Garutti

Week of Contemporary Art 2019. Art. No Borders. Plovdiv. KUSAMA: INFINITY (3 September)

Programme Revive

Week of Contemporary Art 2018



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